Chinese adoption on The Simpsons, this Sunday at 8 PM on Fox. (Don’t take it too seriously. It’s a cartoon!)

Update: I found this synopsis of the show on the internet: After watching a video on menopause, hosted by guest voice Robert Wagner, Selma realizes that she missed her chance to have a baby and decides to adopt a baby girl from China. Selma encounters a bump in the road when the application asks for her husband’s name. In an act of desperation, she puts down “Homer Simpson.” Soon, Selma and the Simpsons are off to China to pick up her baby girl, while Homer must pretend to be her husband. When their charade is finally revealed, the functionary, Madam Yu (guest voice Lucy Liu), takes Selma’s baby back. Homer and the gang must devise a plan to rescue the baby from the orphanage.

Obviously, not a realistic portrayal of the Chinese adoption process. But The Simpsons isn’t supposed to be taken seriously anyway.