So far it has been 10 months since our adoption application packet was sent to China for adoption #2. At the start of the process, we were told that the wait was averaging about 7 months (between the receipt of an adoption application packet in China and the sending of information of a child match to the waiting parents). During the last 10 months, the wait has steadily increased. At this point, it looks like we won’t receive information about a match with a child for at least another two months (and possibly, not for another 3-4 months). Travel to China would happen 4 to 6 weeks after we receive notice of a child match (and we return an acceptance letter to China). So the earliest we will travel to China is September (and possibly not until October or November).

At least with late September – early November travel, the weather won’t be as hot and muggy as it is in summers in China (the positive spin).

While I was attending a conference in downtown San Diego early last week, I took pictures of the surrounding area. The pictures are available on the website photo album.