Today, rumors are swirling around the internet that another batch of Chinese adoption referrals (notifications of child matches) will be leaving China soon. It is rumored that this batch of referrals will include adoption applications that were received in China between June 16 and June 28, 2005.

The last batch of referrals left China at the end of May, so the CCAA has processed approximately 2 weeks worth of applications over the course of the last month.

Thus, since our application was received by China on July 28. Given the current rate of processing, we are probably 2 months (possibly 3 months) away before we receive our referral.

Batches of referrals tend to be sent out monthly at the end of each month.

Travel to China occurs 4-6 weeks after receipt of the referral.

It is possible (though highly unlikely) that we could receive our referral at the end of July. It is possible in that for a very long time, the norm for CCAA was to process one month’s worth of applications every month. However, the last time they met that pace was late 2005. The pace slowed significantly after late 2005, when processing 2 weeks or less of applications occurred each month resulting in the current slowdown.