Our itinerary:

Thursday, November 2: Leave for China (officially our Singapore Airlines flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong leaves at 12:05 AM on Friday)

Saturday, November 4: Arrive in Hong Kong at 7 AM. (due to international date line, we lose a day in the process). Tour Hong Kong all day on our own.

Sunday, November 5: Tourist day in Hong Kong

Monday, November 6: Fly from Hong Kong to Guangzhou (where we will meet Megan).

Tuesday November 7: Receive Megan

Wednesday, November 8: Complete paperwork and adoption at the Civil Affairs Office. Pick up Adoption Certificate.

Thursday, November 9: Go to Guangdong Police Station – Apply for Megan’s Chinese passport.

Friday, November 10: Free Day in Guangzhou

Saturday, November 11 – Monday, November 13: Tour Guangzhou

Tuesday, November 14: Go to Notary office. The Notary is more like a judge and not like a notary public in the US. The notary certifies that the adoption certificate and accompanying documentation is valid.

Wednesday, November 15: Go to Guangdong Police Station – Pick up Megan’s Passport

Thursday, November 16: U.S. Consulate Appointment

Friday, November 17: Family Interviews at US Consulate; Pick up visas

Saturday, November 18: Fly home: Guangzhou to Hong Kong to San Francisco (due to international date line, gain a day in the process)

Regarding the reason why we will be in China for nearly two weeks: In order for Megan to be able to leave for the United States, she needs to get an immigrant visa from the US consulate.

In order to get an immigrant visa from the US Consulate, Megan needs to have a Chinese passport.

In order to get a Chinese passport, she needs to apply for a Chinese passport and wait for the passport application to be processed (about a 5 day process).

In order to be able to apply for a Chinese passport, her adoption to American parents needs to be finalized by the Chinese government.

So as you can see, the process can’t be shortened by trying to do multiple tasks at the same time. One action can’t be started until another action is finished.