Gotcha Day

On Monday, we flew from Hong Kong to Guangzhou. At the Hong Kong airport, we met up with the 8 other families in our adoption agency’s travel group. The flight was short (less than an hour). Once in Guangzhou, we took a bus to the Victory Hotel (Our first choice for a hotel in Guangzhou was the White Swan Hotel. However, the White Swan was booked for the first two nights of our trip. So we stayed two nights in the Victory Hotel. And then moved to the White Swan Hotel for the remainder of our stay.) We checked into the hotel and then walked to the White Swan Hotel to go to one of their restaurants for a group dinner.

On Tuesday, we boarded a bus at 3:30 PM to go to a Guangdong provincial government office where we would get the babies. The nine families got to the government office at 4 PM. We gathered in the hallway for a while and then were called into a conference room. Eventually, babies were brought to the conference room one by one to be given to their new parents.

There were two representatives from Megan’s orphanage. We were allowed to ask them questions with Chris (our group’s guide) interpreting.

After the meeting, we went back to the Victory Hotel.

On Wednesday morning, our group went back to the Guangdong provincial government office to take care of adoption paperwork. We were done by lunch time. We went back to the Victory Hotel, packed our bags, checked out, and then moved to the White Swan Hotel.

On Thursday afternoon around 2:30 PM, we went to the Guangdong police department to apply for Megan’s passport.

Note: This post will be updated with more details and corrections once I find the time (it’s been busy the last few days).

Trip pictures can be found here.