Notary Appointment

Today (Monday, China time), one member of each family went to the Notary Office to pay the notary fee and receive three official (notarized) copies of the adoption certificate, baby’s birth certificate, and abandonment certificate. These three documents are required in order to obtain an immigrant visa from the U.S. Consulate. Tomorrow’s a free day (no official activities), however, everyone is being offered a chance to visit an orphanage. Some of the families in our group received children from this orphanage (however, Megan is from another orphanage). I will be going to the orphanage. But Susan and kids will be staying behind. If this were Megan’s orphanage, I would be taking Megan with me (so she could visit her caregivers one last time). But we are not able to go to Megan’s orphanage. We were told that Megan’s orphanage is too far away.