November 22, 2006 Update

We arrived back in the United States on Saturday night. The flight from Guangzhou to Hong Kong (less than a hour) was easy. There were three adopting families on the plane and there were no problems with the babies on the plane. The flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco was a red-eye flight (left Hong Kong at 9:55 PM). There was no problem with Megan on the plane. However, she refused to get into the bassinet that was provided by Singapore Airlines. So she slept on Susan’s lap. Emily and Megan slept most of the way home. (Susan and I did not). Our plane arrived in San Francisco at 6 PM.

We have been suffering from jet lag the last few days. The girls have been waking up at 2 AM and playing until 4:30 AM. The family hasn’t gotten out of bed earlier than noon.

I just edited this entry: They were staying up until 4 :30 AM (not PM).