10 thoughts on “First Tooth

  1. $5 is probably about right and I’m way behind the times :0) Mia is already asking if she gets rewards for good grades and she hasn’t even started Kindergarten yet :0)

  2. You did good on the $5! That’s what Garrett got for his last 2 teeth but he did get $10 for the one pulled out by the dentist. Man… when I was little I was lucky to get a buck! And we wonder why are kids are spoiled these days! lol

  3. I think I got 25 cents per tooth. But I think I could buy a whole regular size candy bar with 25 cents back then.

  4. Wow, I just realized how totally frugal(cheap) I am. My son lost his first 2 teeth within days of each other. He is only just 5 I thought it was a little early. Anyhow he got…….50 cents per tooth. Fortunately he was thrilled. He even gave a quarter to his brother. Maybe I will up the ante for the molars.

  5. 50 cents might be the more appropriate amount. Being a newbie, I don’t know. I don’t think it would have mattered to Emily either way. Her $5 is crumbled up on the floor of her room. She hasn’t asked to buy anything with it (yet).,

  6. Hi David- just catching up on some dragonfly websites- your girls look so happy together! Isn’t it great to be all together at last !?!? Great smile with following a visit from the tooth fairy.

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