Emily’s Birthday

Friday (November 30) was Emily’s birthday. She turned 6. In the evening, we went to Emily’s favorite restaurant in Sacramento, Nagato’s Sukiyaki. It’s located on Fulton Avenue next to Mel Rapton Honda. Emily had her usual Udon with fish cakes (which she always shares with Megan). We brought along a birthday cake and served it at the restaurant after dinner (the owners/employees at the restaurant are always accommodating). Emily’s birthday party (with friends and extended family) will be later in the month of December. The party is going to be at Laguna’s Awesome Party Palace. We had Emily’s birthday parties in our house up until last year but now we’re in competition with all of the other students at her school who have more elaborate birthday parties. So this year it will be at an indoor bounce party place in Elk Grove with a pizza lunch after bounce time.

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