Photos to China

I went to the post office today to drop off two thick insulated envelopes that will be sent to China. One will be going to Emily’s orphanage and the other to Megan’s orphanage. Once a year, I send pictures of the girls to their respective orphanages. It’s not a Chinese adoption requirement but I figure someone at each orphanage may be interested in what each girl looks like as each year passes. To keep things organized, I only send pictures in batches based on the calendar year when they were taken. So the batches from 2007 were sent today. Although I already have pictures from 2008, I will wait to send those to China until next year. The pictures were placed in small photo albums that are easy to mail (each album is barely larger than the 4 x 6 pictures they contain. each album is maybe 1/2 inch thick.).

One thought on “Photos to China

  1. I was so sad to hear that Cady’s Ayi left the orphanage and the city last year. She was a very special woman for our daughter. We just recently got photos and a translated letter together. We’re still going to send them, because as you said, Im sure someone is still interested. But it was disappointing to find this out.

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