Update Since Christmas

At the start of the year, we enrolled Megan in a hip hop/tap dance class on Saturdays. She attended during the month of January but we found that she was still too young to pay attention during the entire hour long class so we have pulled her out and will try again this summer. Emily, on the other hand, is continuing to go to hip hop dance class. Emily has been attending continuously since the age of 3 and participates in dance shows at least twice a year.

Megan had her 3 year old birthday party on February 7.

The party was attended by 19 adults and 10 children. We fed everyone lunch (pizzas, sandwiches, fruits, veggies, chips), opened presents, and fed everyone again cake and ice cream. Before the party, Susan managed to snag for free an indoor bounce house that fit into our living room. So there were kids playing with toys upstairs in Megan’s and Emily’s bedrooms and there were kids downstairs in the bounce house.

The girls have been talking about going to the snow. From here, it’s about a 3 hour drive. Neither of the girls have seen the snow. If we go, we’ll all need snow clothes since no one in the family has been to the snow in years. So we’ll need boots, thick jackets, etc. for everyone. At this point, if we went today, we’d be in jeans, cotton socks, athletic shoes, and medium weight jackets. Fortunately, it’s still snowing in the mountains so we still have time before the spring weather comes.