Chinese Consulate Party

Last Saturday (February 27), we were invited to a party at the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco. The party was for families who adopted children from China. The consulate complex is a lot bigger than I thought. I went to the consulate once before when I had to submit our visa applications for our adoption trip for Emily in 2002.

The party was in a large auditorium with a stage. The auditorium was behind the main office of the consulate. After some mingling, the party started with a show. A couple of the consulate staff were emcees. There was an opening speech from the Consul General and a few dancing and singing performances. After the show, the staff rearranged the auditorium for games and arts and crafts for the kids. Then they offered a buffet dinner in the large outside courtyard (which we weren’t expecting). The consulate had wait staff throughout the party offering free drinks in the back of the auditorium. Which reminds me I have to write a letter to the consulate to thank them for their generosity.

It was a fun afternoon/early evening. Although it was the evening of the San Francisco Chinese New Year’s Parade, we didn’t make it to the parade.

Click on the picture for a photo album from the evening.