First Day of Kindergarten

Here are a few pictures from Megan’s first day of Kindergarten on August 16, 2011 (along with a few pictures of Emily). Emily started 4th grade a week earlier.

Megan Kindergarten

Click on the picture of Megan to get to the photo album.

Megan is slowly getting use to Kindergarten. Susan is responsible for dropping her off at the start of school and I am responsible for picking her up at the end of the day, quickly driving her a mile, and dropping her off at her after school care (I manage to take care of this during a daily afternoon 30 minute work break). Obviously, dropping her off at the start of school is harder than picking her up at the end. Megan cried at the start of day 1. Didn’t cry at the start of class thereafter. However, before leaving home for school, she has been coming up with stomach aches and other reasons for not going to Kindergarten that day. She has been happy at the end of the the school day and says that she played, made new friends, and had a good day.

We’ll see how well Monday goes.